Introducing Fire Ice Slimming Treatment That Permanently Kills Fat Cells

Fat Freezing Treatment (Cryolipolysis Malaysia)

Fire Ice Slimming at RM 1,399 (worth RM3,200)

Ozhean Clinic helps you lose your unwanted stubborn fats in a safe and effective way. Get your fat freezing treatment in KL today!

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We're #1 in Korea & Expanding Rapidly in South East Asia
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5 Most Popular Treatments For Body Contouring
바디 컨투어링을 위한 가장 인기 있는 5가지 시술


A technique that uses injections of specially mixed formula to rejuvenate and tighten skin, as well as remove excess fat. The technique uses very fine needles to deliver a series of injections into the middle layer (mesoderm) of skin.


Uses acoustic waves to enhance body contouring and improves cellulite by breaking down fat cells. It also provides a lymphatic drainage effect that promotes body detoxification.

Cristal Fat Freezing

It is a cryolipolysis treatment method that uses cold/freezing technique to reduce the number of fat cells of the targeted area. It is a non-invasive treatment that is effective in helping to sculpt body shape.


It is a hyperthermic laser treatment that is safe, effective, a non-invasive fat reduction that penetrates the skin & heats subcutaneous adipocytes which leads to fat cell disruption.


Ultrasound therapy (HIFU) shoots ultrasound waves into the skin, where they heat targeted tissue, tightening and stimulating the face’s natural collagen production. While there is a noticeable instant tightening, once the face starts producing collagen, the skin tightens and firms significantly. 

Our Best Seller Treatment​
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Laser Lipolysis (Fat Melting)

Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing)​

Why Choose Ozhean Clinic
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With full adaptation of trademarked FIT program created by a team of experienced Korea’s aesthetic doctors, conducted by our Malaysian professional doctors and with the use of most advance instruments, we strive to provide the most effective treatment program for you.

Only State-Of-The-Art Instruments

Our instruments are safe to use and all of the instruments are cutting-edge, direct from Korea and United States.

Only The Best Qualified Doctors & Partners

Everyone who works in Ozhean A.M are qualified doctors and partners. We constantly improve our skills and services.

Only Solutions Customised for You

You are at the center of everything we do. We customize treatments to suits different body shape

Our Results Speak for Themselves
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Beauty Heritage From Korea​
한국에서 온 뷰티 헤리티지​
The treatments were great! As I have been wanting to get rid of the “spare tire” around my waist with diet and exercise, but the progress was slow with not much result seen. But with their slimming program, I finally manage to fit in the shirt that I couldn’t fit in previously.
Jackson C.
I love it! Because I can see my waist getting smaller and would definitely recommend it to others
Tia K.
The doctor and consultants are friendly and attentive. They would give detail explanations before and during the treatment. The process was almost painless, and I managed to see some differences after my first treatment. Thank you!
Melissa L.
Operation Manager
I always wanted to lose my flabby arms and thick thigh for a long time and happen to come across this clinic through a friend. At first, even though with the explanation from the doctor, I was a little doubtful with the treatment because it was painless, but I love the results because even my friends and family were telling me that I lose weight! I would recommend Ozhean A.M to others.
Sherry A.
Senior PR Executive

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We Are The Pioneers Of Korean Aesthetics In Malaysia​
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Ozhean was established in 2015. Our HQ is in Gangnam, South Korea. Since then we have expanded to 5 different locations in Korea. Our Malaysia’s branch was opened in 2019 in Bangsar and Bukit Jalil. Our mission is the aesthetics “Continuous training and trustable evidence”, “Results-driven treatment” driven “Driven by professional”

  Founder / Managing Director 
Dr Park Ji-Youn (M.D, Ph.D)

Dr Lee Yongseok (M.D)

  Medical Director  
Dr Nigel Ong

Dr Ho Foo Soon
Dr Mikayla Chang
Our Trademark
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우리의 상표
As we believed, every faces has their own unique beauty and features. It is impossible to treat all faces with just a singular way with a single laser machine or treatment.

FIT is a customized, individualized premium program that is FIT to each faces to brings out the optimal result. We customized premium lasers, anti aging treatment and facial program with combination of different treatments to achieve the best results. Since 2015, Ozhean Korea have transformed more than 20,000 faces, with more than 85% of our customer that took our FIT program are repeat and satisfied customers. It is our mission to transform lives one face at a time.
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Please do not diagnose yourself based on random information you may have read on Google. Using products that do not match your skin type will only make the problem much worse.

Let our experts analyse your specific weight and body condition. This is the smartest, safest solution to solving your slimming problems.

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