FIT Brightening

Evenly Brightening From the Inside

Skin whitening treatment is becoming more and more popular, together with its health hazard it carries. We emphasized on safe and effective brightening/whitening treatment for our patient. For many patients, especially in East-Asia, skin pigmentation is the main concern. Picoway laser by Candela Corp, premium US laser manufacture based on science, results & trust. Picoway is one of the Pico laser for wrinkles, acne scar, pigmentation and tattoo. With low to no downtime, Picoway is designed for expansive skin, precisely engineered to transforms skin while leaving the skin surface intact. So you can improve skin value without side effects. In Ozhean A.M clinic, we strives more than just picoway. Combining Picoway with other Candela lifting laser and also award-winning Bellasonic2x treatment, we are able to achieved superior results for you. We specialize in customizing FIT laser program, solving skin pigmentation problem & also extensive post-treatment management.

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What to expect? : Evenly brightening from the inside

With FIT Brightening treatment, immediately noticeable results where skin tone will be brightened. Skin starts to glow and brighten from day 3 of treatment. Due to continuous stimulation of collagen, skin appears dewy and firm in the first month. Pore size is reducing due to the skin tightening effect. Overall there is an improvement in skin pigmentation, pore size, skin tone and skin texture resulting in a more refreshed, younger-looking skin.

Featured Treatments

FIT Pico Laser Toning

FIT PicoWay Toning is a Korea Dermatologist formulated customized laser program to treat stubborn skin pigmentation. We believes each person skin is unique and requires different treatment approaches. Using the most premium laser, together with medifacial program, we are able to remove skin pigmentation and brighten up the skin. Picosecond laser is safer and less side effect than slower, nanosecond pulse lasers.

FIT Pico Duo Pigment

Combining different laser to achieve better results. Korea dermatologist prefers combinationof different premium laser to achieve the best result. It stimulate the body to clear up pigment particles faster. The skin will not have redness and the whole treatment process is very comfortable.FIT Pico Duo Pigment treatment also improves skin texture through collagen stimulation. You get multiple treatment benefits through one system.

Fit Pico Triple Pigment

Years of researches by dermatologist had discovered that deep pigmentation like Melasma is caused by many factor such as abnormal blood vessel, dermal inflammation, and weaken skin micro-structure causing overactive pigment-producing cell. Thus, Fit Pico Triple Pigment is preferred by korea dermatologist in treating stubborn pigmatation. Fit Pico Triple Pigment focus on rejuvenating the dermal layer not just only scattering the Melanin pigment. Producing a healthy skin comprehensively will eventually will reduce the reoccuring of melasma in future.

Why Ozhean AM Clinic?

We are first Korea Aesthetic Clinic in Malaysia that uses full adaptation of trademarked FIT program created by a team of experienced Korea’s aesthetic doctors.

In Ozhean A.M clinic, we provide customized “FIT treatment” according to each individual, to achieve the ideal result with advance instruments, specialized lasers machines, injectable, supplement and program.

With treatments conducted by our Malaysia certified professional doctors, they will do detail consultation, assessment, and propose a most suitable treatment program to achieve your desire result.