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Our hair is a delicate garden that require special care to flourish. Many lifestyle factors like smoking, diet, stress, and chemical products, causing hair loss/hair thinning more and more prevalent. Certain hair loss condition like female pattern hair loss and male pattern hair loss are mainly determined by our body genetic condition. Our body gene stores all the information and determines how our body react. People with female pattern hair loss and male pattern hair loss had specific “Hair Loss Gene” that will make hair cell more susceptible to body hormone. Hair cell is more fragile and hair thinning is more common.

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What to expect? : Regain your crown

Our team of expert doctor will perform a proper consultation to diagnose your hair loss problem. Hair regrow had high success rate if correct diagnosis is made and correct treatment is performed. Some of our hair loss treatments available are such as prescribed medication, topical cream, hair supplement, hair filler, hair stem cell, etc.

Featured Treatments

FIT Hair Loss

Package Treatment Suggestion
Light / Maintenance Ozhean Signature Hair Mesotherapy LED Phototherapy Post Care
Standard Hair Filler LED Phototherapy Post Care
Intensive Hair Filler LED Phototherapy Post Care Medication

Why Ozhean AM Clinic?

We are first Korea Aesthetic Clinic in Malaysia that uses full adaptation of trademarked FIT program created by a team of experienced Korea’s aesthetic doctors.

In Ozhean A.M clinic, we provide customized “FIT treatment” according to each individual, to achieve the ideal result with advance instruments, specialized lasers machines, injectable, supplement and program.

With treatments conducted by our Malaysia certified professional doctors, they will do detail consultation, assessment, and propose a most suitable treatment program to achieve your desire result.