Hair Filler: hair regrow doctor that works 24 hours

Hair Filler is a doctor that works 24 hours to regrow your hair. Our hair is a delicate garden that require special care to flourish. Many lifestyle factors like smoking, diet, stress, and chemical products causing hair loss/hair thinning more and more prevalent.

Certain hair loss condition like female pattern hair loss and male pattern hair loss are mainly determined by our body genetic condition. Our body gene stores all the information and determines how our body react. People with female pattern hair loss and male pattern hair loss had specific “Hair Loss Gene” that will make hair cell more susceptible to body hormone.

Hair cell is more fragile and hair thinning is more common. Thus many years of studies had found out that “Hair Loss Gene” can be suppressed with hair filler treatment.What is hair filler?


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Hair filler is a gel-like substance contents all the nutrients (7 type of peptide) that will regrow your hair, especially those with female pattern hair loss and male pattern hair loss. It works great for those who have thinning of hair and wish to achieve more luscious volume of hair. It is placed under your hair scalp with micro-injection technique. It has “sustained release technology” that works 24 hour per day to provide nutrient for your hair and last for 2 weeks after a single treatment.

How does it work?

In order to make hair regrowth, we need “stimulate” the expression of genes and proteins that are essential for hair growth, and “prevent” the expression of genes and proteins that are involved in hair loss. Hair Filler contains 7 patented peptides. Every peptide has shown its efficacy in the hair regrowth and loss process by different in-vitro tests. It promotes blood circulation in the scalp and helps the follicles to revitalize and cause stronger hair regrowth.


Natural Peptide Ingredient:

Deca peptide 18: stimulates the formation of a new hair cells

Hyaluronic acid – intensively moisturizes hair follicles, stimulates fibroblasts

Oligo peptide 54- stops hair loss

Deca peptide 10 -nourishes the scalp and hair roots

Octa peptide 2 -protects hair cells from stress, harmful UV rays, and other harmful external factors that cause hair follicular death

Octa peptide 11- stimulates the production of new collagen

Oligo peptide 71 – prevent grey hair

How many sessions could see the results?

Clinical research has shown that after 8 weeks the hair density (1/cm ²) increased on average with 22.3% and the hair thickness with 26 compared to the situation before treatment.

Who is suitable for hair filler treatment?

  • Female pattern hair loss

  • Male pattern hair loss

  • Men and women of any age with overall thinning and weaker hair

  • Alopecia Areata(together with medical treatment)

  • Men and women who want to increase the chance of survival of their hair transplantation

  • Hair loss patients who want to create extra effect in combination with other hair treatments

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What is the side effect?

In general there is no serious side effect. Some people experiences temporary discomfort during micro-injection procedure, but it depends on your pain threshold as well. Mild redness, bruising and itching at the injection area can occur following treatment and generally subside over 72 hours.



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Our team of expert doctor will perform a proper consultation to diagnose your hair loss problem. Hair regrow had high success rate if correct diagnosis is made and correct treatment is performed. Our hair regrow treatment includes topical medication, prescription medication, hair supplement, hair regrow injection treatment, and even hair cell enhancement treatment.

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