There are a lot of misconception in the market where slimming down requires extreme diet plan or starvation, but we should care not only on the body shape but also the health. Nobody should experience unregulated or unapproved medication for slimming.

Slimming includes a discipline of diet, workout, and sometimes external help such as supplement, slimming machines or injectables to break down or contour certain stubborn areas. Once those areas are treated with our treatment program, those stubborn love handles or skin flabbiness will be gone. Provided that you stick to your active and healthy lifestyle too, of course. Here we deliver a full consultation from head to toe including diet and recommended active devices to your body needs. It is our mission to make people achieve their ideal shape healthily with our professional doctors and therapists.



It is a hyperthermic laser treatment that is FDA approved, safe, effective, a non-invasive fat reduction that penetrates the skin and heats subcutaneous adipocytes which leads to fat cell disruption. The treatment only target fat cell layer, surface skin is not harmed. It has minimal to no downtime, where you can resume to your daily activities after treatment.

Cristal Fat Freezing

It is a cryolipolysis treatment method that uses cold/freezing technique to reduce the number of fat cells of the targeted area. It is a non-invasive treatment that is effective in helping to sculpt body shape.


Ultrasound therapy (HIFU) shoots ultrasound waves into the skin, where they heat targeted tissue, tightening and stimulating the face’s natural collagen production. Upon heating up the fat layers of the face, it will help to reduce extra fat over the layers and therefore making the area slimmer. Unwanted fats will be destroyed and excreted on by our lymphatic system naturally. While there is a noticeable instant tightening, once the face starts producing collagen, the skin tightens and firms significantly.


It uses acoustic waves to enhance body contouring and improves cellulite by breaking down fat cells. It also provides a lymphatic drainage effect that promotes body detoxification. It is known to effectively reduce appearance of cellulite on treatment area. It is painless and has minimal to no downtime, where you can resume to your daily activities after treatment

HCG Diet

HCG is natural body hormone regulate mobilization of energy and fat. HCG diet is combination of low calories diet with injection of HCG hormone. There are 3 primary sources of fuel for the body: Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats. Your body will use Carbohydrates 1st, then Protein 2nd and Fat 3rd. By restricting your intake to 500-800 kcal/day while on the HCG diet protocol, you force your body to use its stored fat for energy more often. The HCG hormone causes body fat (visceral fat) to be released into your blood stream and fuel your body. HCG maintain muscle mass and curb with hunger.


A technique that uses injections of specially mixed formula to rejuvenate and tighten skin, as well as remove excess fat. The technique uses very fine needles to deliver a series of injections into the middle layer (mesoderm) of skin to melt fat. It can be used to target all area with stubborn fat and helps to increase the efficiency of laser treatment.


Contains proteins, vitamin, mineral, antioxidant, fibre, and probiotics. It is a natural ingredient based weight loss supplement with evidence based formulation to make weight loss effective while improves your health. It is good to help replenish essential nutrient during diet program.


It is a FDA approved medication to control/reduce appetite and to stimulate the body of the consumer to burn calories faster

Fit Acne Program

Mild Acne Highly Recommend Recommend
Moderate Acne Highly Recommend Highly Recommend Recommend
Severe Acne Highly Recommend Highly Recommend Highly Recommend

Why Ozhean AM Clinic?

We are first Korea Aesthetic Clinic in Malaysia that uses full adaptation of trademarked FIT program created by a team of experienced Korea’s aesthetic doctors.

In Ozhean A.M clinic, we provide customized “FIT treatment” according to each individual, to achieve the ideal result with advance instruments, specialized lasers machines, injectable, supplement and program.

With treatments conducted by our Malaysia certified professional doctors, they will do detail consultation, assessment, and propose a most suitable treatment program to achieve your desire result.