OzheanAM - Slimming - Fat Freezing (Part 1)

What is Fat Freezing? (Part 1)

OzheanAM - fat freezing cryolipolysis

In another way, it means killing your fat cell using cold/freezing technique.

Our fat cells number will remain constant once we reached puberty. Hence, by killing our fat cells, we are technically reducing our number of fat cells in order to sculpt our body shape. As example, by doing fat loss treatment, we remove the fat cells that are located at unwanted areas.


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When it comes to type of slimming treatment, one of the most commonly ask question is “what is weight loss and fat loss?”. Here are the differences:

Main concern: Body weight Main concern: Body shape
Reduce fat cell’s volume Reduce number of fat cell

Hence, fat freezing considered a fat loss treatment, where our main target is on the “figure” in the mirror, to get the ideal body shape.

How fat freezing work?

There two types of fat, subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Hard (visceral) fat are fats that are not foldable, especially those that are at the tummy area as they mostly consist of visceral fat, hence, they are not a good candidate for fat freezing treatment. For fat freezing treatment, the fats that we are targeting will only be on subcutaneous fat. Those flabby, soft and spongy fats, are the best fat for this treatment.

It works by intensively cool the fat to -9 ° C which will subsequently kill the fat cells. The dead fat cells will subsequently be removed from our body by apoptosis process.

The results will start to visualised only after 1 month onwards up to 3 months, as the body needed some time for our immune system to remove the crystallised dead fat cells after the session. Each session of fat freezing treatment reduces around 20-25% of fat cells. Hence, for those who wish to sculpt a better body shape may do the subsequent treatment 1 – 3 months after the previous session, and according to doctor’s advice.

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Which part of body can we do for fat freezing?

Ozhean A.M - Slimming - Fat Area

There are many areas that we can do fat freezing:

  • Double chin
  • Pre bra bulge
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Bra fat
  • Flank
  • Abdomen
  • Inner thigh
  • Outer thigh
  • Calf
  • Pubic fat

There are many types of fat freezing machine in the market, in Ozhean A.M Clinic, our fat freezing machine comes with different mould sizes and shape to fit different areas, which covers all the areas mentioned above.

Each session of fat freezing treatment takes around 1 hour, and each session can do 2 parts simultaneously. Hence, for patients that require multiple treatment areas, they may be able to complete around 10-12 parts per day.

Is there any downtime for fat freezing?

After the fat freezing treatment, the fat cells will inflame, thus, most of the patients will encounter 4 main side effects:

  • Pain
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Itchiness

These inflammatory respond is needed for the patient’s body to naturally eliminate the dead fat cells through the lymphatic system.

Technically, there is not much of downtime, as there are no restrictions of daily activities, patient may return to their daily activities right after the fat freezing treatment. But for some, the sensation may be felt for the first few days after the treatment. Medication will be given should patients needed to reduce the after-treatment sensation.

But, to get better result we would highly encourage patient to pair fat freezing treatment with diet and lifestyle modification. As this helps to reduce fat cells volume and fat cells number concurrently – reduce body weight and better body shape.

Why choose Ozhean AM Clinic?

OzheanAM - Slimming treatment
  1. We have qualified body sculptor
    Dr. Nigel obtained his sculpting technique from Tokyo, Japan.
  2. We have FDA approved machines
    This safe and effective technique is non-invasive and requires no anesthesia.
  3. We have individual private room
    Patient can have their own personal space while doing treatment.
  4. We have well trained doctor staff
    All staff have gone through multiple training and are able to perform the procedure well.
  5. We have strategic locations
    We are in Bukit Jalil and Bangsar! Our Bukit Jalil clinic is located just next to Pavillion 2, while our Bangsar branch is located near Bangsar Shopping Centre.
  6. We have multiple treatment packages
    We offer different treatment packages that suits different body shape.
  7. We are using Korea’s popular and proven treatments
    With years of experience in Korea’s aesthetic industry, we adapted the most effective treatment methods to our Malaysia’s clinic.


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Prepared by:

Dr Nigel Ong

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