Complication when acne is not treated early. There is a “golden period” when treating acne scar. After active acne resolved, there will be patchy skin redness called post inflammatory erythema (PIE) and later patchy skin darkening called post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).


Our team of professional doctors strongly advice to treat them early to minimize the depth of the scar. Deep acne scar is difficult to treat and requires more intervention.


After PIH and PIE are gone, leaving behind the most unpleasant acne scar. They can be divided into ice prick scar, rolling scar, box scar, and hypertrophic scar. Acne scar is difficult to treat because the base of the scar is stick to underlying skin caused by prolonged inflammation. The depth of scar is another limiting factor in choosing the most suitable treatment. While CO2 laser is effective in scar revision, it can only reach up to 0.3mm on the surface of the skin as most acne scar is deep and required dermal(deep layer) modification.


Subcision & Dermaveil / Dermal Filler

A method where a special needle is inserted under the skin to break down hard tissue that pull down the surface skin producing scar. The procedure is done in sterile environment with numbing agent given. A special type of dermal filler is injected after subcision to support the skin and stimulate collagen growth to replace the depressed scar.

New Intracel

Able reach deep into the skin layer to stimulate fibroblast and production of new collagen. Very effective in treating acne scar as it can reach more than 2mm deep and stimulate resurfacing of acne scar from the deep layer. Improvement can see within 1 treatment compared to CO2 laser.


Very unique and revolutionary treatment with FDA certified for acne scar. Laser energy reaches deep into the skin layer, creating microbubble under the skin without hurting superficial skin. The microbubble created will stimulate collagen growth and resurface scar from deep layer.

Why Ozhean Clinic?

We are first Korea Aesthetic Clinic in Malaysia that uses full adaptation of trademarked FIT program created by a team of experienced Korea’s aesthetic doctors.

In Ozhean clinic, we provide customized “FIT treatment” according to each individual, to achieve the ideal result with advance instruments, specialized lasers machines, injectable, supplement and program.

With treatments conducted by our Malaysia certified professional doctors, they will do detail consultation, assessment, and propose a most suitable treatment program to achieve your desire result.