FIT Lifting

Swim Against Gravity

Fit lifting is designed for improving skin elasticity of all age group. Inspired by Korean strong cultural demand for effective non-surgical facelift, FIT Lifting is a combination treatment which tighten all layers of skin to produce an anti-aging results and even reserved the sign of again. FIT Lifting was a STAR treatment in Ozhean skin and plastic surgery clinic, Gangnam for many celebrities and now adopted in Ozhean A.M clinic in Malaysia.

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What to expect? : Newton’s first law: Gravity

Skin lifting is a gradually process involves all layer of skin including skin tightening and fat repositioning. It depends on which layer we are treating during treatment. For Skin tightening, there will be mild redness after procedure and tightening can be felt on day 2 of procedure. For all layer of lifting, we will be targeting SMAS layer of skin, and the results will be gradually over 6 month after treatment. Eventually, endless endeavor against gravity will be needed.

Featured Treatment

Fit V-Line

A combination treatment to achieve a V-shape Korea baby face. Results can be seen in just 1 session of treatment. As a results, the face look more slim, jawline more defined. Our own staff had experienced it themselves! Everyone love a camera ready face.

Maximizing HIFU

Maximizing HIFU is a combination of lifting treatment popular in Ozhean Clinic Gangnam. It is a combination of multilayer lifting and cellular level lifting. Korea believes that healthy cell is the key to tight and firm skin. Treatment is fast and painless. Instant lifting can be visible during treatment and continuous stimulation of lifting over 6 month.

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