Our Team


Founder / Managing Director

Dr Park Ji-Youn (M.D, Ph.D)

Dr Park is a Korean Board-certified dermatologist. She obtained Bachelor’s degree / Master’s degree, Doctor’s degree (Medicine, Department of dermatology) in Republic of Korea. She is the Founding Director of Ozhean A.M clinic in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Director of Ozhean skin and plastic surgery clinic in Seoul, South Korea  and also the Founder of Ozhean skin and plastic surgery network. She also part of Dermatology Fellowship in renowned Ajou University Hospital, South Korea before starting the successful Ozhean Network Clinic.


With many years of experience as skin specialist, she dedicated a lot of her time in producing more than 30 scientific publication worldwide. She believes in producing the best results for her patient using the most premium lasers and equipment together with her skills and vast knowledge. She is appointed as Asia Regional Key Opinion Leader for Candela Laser Corp. Despite with many achievement, she is very humble and down to earth person. She is adore by her patients in Korea.


Dr Lee Yongseok (M.D)

Dr Lee is a Korean Board-certified plastic surgeon. He obtained Bachelor’s degree / Master’s degree (Medicine, Department of plastic surgery) in Republic of Korea. He is the founding Director of Ozhean A.M clinic in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia , Director of Ozhean skin and plastic surgery clinic in Seoul, South Korea and the Founder of Ozhean skin and plastic surgery network. He was an assistant professor in renowned Hallym University Hospital, Dongtan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea before starting the successful Ozhean Network Clinic.


He believes the eye is the window to the soul. As a plastic surgeon, he specialized in crafting beautiful eye with his own skillful techniques. He specialized in doing skin reconstruction and also removal of benign/malignant skin growth. Despite his achievement, he is an easy going, humble and caring doctor.

Medical Director

Dr Nigel Ong

After Dr Nigel attaining his Medical Degree from First Moscow State Medical University in Russia, he further pursue his passion for aesthetic practices. Being in the medical aesthetic industry for many years, Dr Nigel has gained a vast range of experiences, ranging from anti-aging, face contouring (injectables), sexual health and many more. One of the biggest shout out is that, apart from being an expert in slimming procedures, he is also a certified CoolSculpting body sculptor.


Apart from travelling to enhance personal growth and perspective in life, Dr Nigel also enjoys playing guitar and ukulele during his free time.

Ozhean A.M - Dr Nigel


Dr Ho Foo Soon

Dr Ho, graduated from Crimea State Medical University (CSMU) Russia with distinction in the year of 2010. He started to develop interest in aesthetics and wellness and left the government sector after completing his service in Sabah and Selangor. After years of experience during his practice, he is skilled with skin rejuvenation with lasers and injectables, face lifting and hair treatments. Recently he has developed an interest in anti-aging and stem cells therapy. For Dr Ho, learning is never-ending and he is constantly updating himself with knowledge and new techniques to serve better. Besides that, he is also gentle and understanding, and most of his patients are comfortable with him.


Age Gracefully with Natural Aesthetics and caring for your health as the foundation for your beauty!


During his leisure time, Dr Ho spends time with his family and he is also an experienced diver. From time to time, he also does voluntary service for the community as a Lion Club International Member.

Dr Mikayla Chang

Dr Mikayla obtained her medical doctor (MD) degree in Kursk State Medical University of Russia. During her studies, Dr Mikayla developed passion in dermatology and aesthetic, which she went on the pursue her studies in aesthetic medicine in Malaysian Aesthetic Certification (MAC). With years of experience under her belt, her main interest are skin rejuvenation, anti-aging and pigmentation. With this, she always keeps herself updated with the latest medical aesthetic techniques and machines.


The Love of Beauty is Taste, The Creation of Beauty is Art.


With Dr Mikayla’s friendly and approachable personality, she always greets her patient with a warm smile. She enjoys playing piano and spending quality time with her family and friends during her leisure time.

Dr Stewart Chan

Dr Stewart obtained his doctor degree in Ireland. He than pursed his journey in aesthetic practices by enrolling in Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, United States of America. Dr Stewart had many years working experience in aesthetic field and accredited  Letter of Credentialing and Privileging (LCP) from Ministry of Health.


The Time You Enjoy Wasting Is Not Wasted Time – John Lennon


Dr Stewart believes in simplicity as an art of living. During his leisure time, he enjoys strolling around the city enjoying good classic Malaysian food with his family and friends.