FIT is a customized premium skin program to FIT everyone skin. We are customizing premium lasers, anti-aging treatment and facial program to achieve the best results for you.


As a board-certified dermatologist, my pursuit of knowledge and excellence had motivated me to publish more than 30 scientific papers on skin expertise. I gave up my dream of becoming a young professor to start our Ozhean clinic in Gangnam with my customized FIT program. Over the time, FIT program had successfully producing flawless, radiance skin for our Korean customer.


10 years ago, many Korea clinic used to sell a single program like “5x/10x laser package” to customer with less desirable results. Today, we are bringing in this revolutionary FIT skin program to Malaysia. Our goal is giving everyone a FIT glowing skin with our timeless FIT program.

Top 5 Popular Services

Why go Korea when Korea is here?!


FIT PICO Triple Pigment

Combination treatment formulated by Korea Dermatologist to wipe off skin pigmentation and producing Korea Porcelain Glass skin


#1 Star treatment in Ozhean Clinic, Korea!


FIT Pore

No more large pores with results-proven PicoResolve laser treatment


Honey, I shrunk the pores!


AM Signature Baby Skin Booster

Combination of PDRN and antioxidant to freeze your skin age.


Anti-aging journey begins now!


FIT Volumizing

Reverse the hourglass by replenish the volume of skin.


Age with amazing grace!


FIT V-line

Melt the extra fat on your chin with Korea clinic method.


I want a chisel jawline!

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