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Why go Korea when Korea is here?!


FIT PICO Triple Pigment

Combination treatment formulated by Korea Dermatologist to wipe off skin pigmentation and producing Korea Porcelain Glass skin


#1 Star treatment in Ozhean Clinic, Korea!


FIT Pore

No more large pores with results-proven PicoResolve laser treatment


Honey, I shrunk the pores!


AM Signature Baby Skin Booster

Combination of PDRN and antioxidant to freeze your skin age.


Anti-aging journey begins now!


FIT Volumizing

Reverse the hourglass by replenish the volume of skin.


Age with amazing grace!


FIT V-line

Melt the extra fat on your chin with Korea clinic method.


I want a chisel jawline!

Welcome To

Ozhean A.M Clinic

Crafted with the wisdom of Dr Park Ji-Youn, a Korean Board Certified dermatologist,

the founder of Ozhean skin and plastic surgery clinic (5 branches & expanding) in Seoul

conjointly with the tactical and insightful Accrelist LTD Singapore

& trust from A.M aesthetic (5 branches & expanding) in Singapore

Ozhean AM Clinic is the epidome of prestige in Malaysia.


Ozhean A.M clinic vowed to humbly serves the best FIT Skin Program,

adapted from evidence-based & Korea latest state of art treatment,

only for the people of Malaysia.



Our Brand Philosophy & Achievability

Premium Laser & state-of-art Instruments

When beauty meet with science, exquisiteness is born.


Continuous training and improvisation in Korea, Singapore and Malaysia

With extraordinaire perseverance, all things are attainable

Results driven treatment

We work hard to achieve best results for you.

Our Customers’ Experiences

ft. FIT V Line

A quirky young lady who is a professional dancer, also an influencer. For her, personal health is her key concern, as well as having a well-maintained look top-to-toe for her stage image. She believes in taking some time break from the stage spotlight, and indulge herself into some pampering is what really matters to her.

Luna Azlina
ft. PicoWay Brightening

Luna is an event space styler, as well as an entrepreneur herself. Her passion for beauty draws her into the beauty and lifestyle world as an influencer, where you see her dressing herself up for beauty events. Her down to earth personality shines through, she thinks that being an authentic self is her definition of self-love. “The most important thing is to enjoy your life, to be happy, it’s all that matters.” is her favourite quote from Audrey Hepburn.

Ein Tan
ft. Bellasonic2x

Ein is an advocate of minimalistic, she lives a simple life but yet care about her own self. She is a supermodel who is being featured on NUYOU, CITTABELLA, PRESTIGE & many more other media. For her, beauty is about keeping all things simple and effective.

ft. FIT Duo Pico Pigment

Adilah, or shall we call her The Queen Sainer! Having her own restaurant The Rock Chilli Queen that’s now being housed under Sebastian’s Gastro Bar at Persiaran Ampang, Adilah also has her own homemade Gourmet Chilli Oils & Pickles brand- Dapur Sainer. As hot as her brands, she’s a mum, entrepreneur & life-lover! We felt her energy right when she walked into our clinic, indeed a warm and affluential lady.

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